About the New College

The College was established by the first semester of 2012 as ‘New College’ of the HKU Residential Colleges. We provide accommodation for over 400 students from different backgrounds, which includes undergraduate and postgraduate students from Hong Kong, mainland China and 27 countries from around the world.

Behind our name

We took on the official name “NEW COLLEGE” by a HKU Council resolution on 29 April 2014. Our Chinese name is “日新學院”1 which means, new and renewing every day! The College is named in recognition of a generous donation from The Tung Foundation to the University.The Founder of the Foundation was the late shipping magnate, Mr. C. Y. Tung, who was always greatly enthusiastic about youth development and considers education to be the bedrock of a mature and successful society. The key objectives of the Foundation are to foster, develop and improve social and cultural development, promote charitable purposes, enhance cultural exchanges and understanding, and to relieve poverty, sickness and human suffering.


Founding Master (2012-2018)

Dr. Sarah Liao 廖秀冬博士

Dr. Sarah Liao is the Founding Master of New College at The University of Hong Kong from 2012 to 2018. She is also the Honorary Professor at the Department of Civil Engineering, and Honorary Advisor in the Faculty of Social Sciences. Dr. Liao was formerly the Secretary for the Environment, Transport, and Works of the Hong Kong SAR Government in 2002-2007 and adopted sustainable development strategies in her policies to achieve a balanced approach in social and economic development while protecting the environment at the same time. When the New College was founded, Dr. Liao also established the main ethos of New College as environment and sustainability, hoping to provide an active learning platform for our students to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in sustainable living and nurture their love and care for nature.

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The main ethos of the New College is the environment and sustainability. Through hands-on experience and discussions, we provide an active learning platform for our students to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in sustainable living and at the same time nurture their love and care for nature. We encourage residents to think outside the box and be exposed to disciplines beyond their academic faculty and learn to be more aware of the overall well-being of the larger community.

  • There will be plenty of opportunities for experiential learning, and knowledge exchange through interaction with the residential population comprising of staff, guest scholars, and students from very different backgrounds and cultures. There is also a lot of potential for the students to serve the local community through community programs and trips.
  • We encourage the enthusiastic involvement of our students in the College by making full use of the opportunities to learn about sustainable living and become stewards of the environment. This is done through participating in the learning activities or projects led by staff or students, and furthermore to design and organise innovative and meaningful activities amongst themselves.
  • Frequently scheduled learning activities led by staff includes our monthly high table dinners, postgraduate seminars, cultural and language programmes. Most importantly, there are exciting programmes related to sustainability such as water conservation, waste management, eco-gardening, nature appreciation and biodiversity conservation.

We look forward to new ideas and inputs from students to bring about exciting and fruitful times, right here at New College!

“The Colleges are culturally diversified learning communities. They have a strong sense of identity and an emphasis on contributions to society.”Professor Peter Mathieson,President and Vice-Chancellor
1日新 – renewal and perfection, a famous line from the Confucian classic of the “Great Learning”.「日新」一詞來自《大學》中的「苟日新,日日新,又日新」,有「精益求精」之意。

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