The New Farm was set up in early 2015 as a new initiative to promote sustainability living. Several flower beds on the podium outside New College were turned into farming field for practicing organic farming. A farmer from Long Valley Mr. Kan Wai Hong has been engaged to teach our students how to farm.

A complimentary composting programme has been developed at the same time where food waste generated from each floor of the College are collected and composted with Bokashi system at the New Farm. The compost obtained are used in the New Farm.


Fruits of our Labour

The Farming Story at New College by Suki April 15, 2016

It has been nearly 1.5 years since the set up of our farm and composting system. The start-up was not easy as the hard stony soil was not prepared for farming, and we had very limited core organisers and of course, experience. Yet, with faith and collaboration, we hope to demonstrate that university students have their unique potential to make a change to the environment. So, we’ve been proactively trying out different methods to take care of the farm as well as to encourage our hall mates to recycle their food waste. Thankfully, we’ve progressively gained more and more support from our hall mates, and more volunteers are willing to join in. Until now, we’ve composted around 2,000 Kg (2 tonnes) of food waste internally here in New College! And we can also continuously enjoy our lovely organic harvest from the farm! We hope such a composting system can be run more effectively in the coming future and our attempt could be replicated in other residential halls in HKU and beyond.

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