This program aims to provide various kinds of services and assistance to the elderly residents in our neighbourhood by encouraging the students to take part in activities organized by New College and local Neighbourhood Elderly Centres. This program also hopes to raise the student’s understanding to the daily living and needs of the elderly, and to expand their horizons in terms of social inclusion.

In the past years, we closely collaborated with the local HKSHS St. Luke’s Settlement Neighbourhood Elderly Centre. Our students have participated in a number of indoor and outdoor activities such as visits, handcraft workshops and a day camp to Sai Kung.

This year, we plan to add more environmental and sustainable elements to our activities and promote a low carbon footprint lifestyle in the elderly community.

2015-06-06 Elderly Art Project
2015-12-05 Visits and briefing to St. Luke’s Settlement Neighbourhood Elderly
Centre in Kennedy Town
2015-12-19 Day activities with the elderly to Sai Kung Outdoor Recreation Centre