Parium Puer- Peers of the Child (PPP) is a new service group in New College. Volunteers learn to get in touch with and understand the children in special need, develop the right mindset to social responsibility and give care to others.

Established in 2012, PPP endeavors to serve local children with physical and/or mental disabilities. In the past 3 years, PPP has been organizing visits to the pediatric wards in Tuen Mun Hospital and Prince of Wales Hospital on a regular basis to provide support services and care to pediatric patients. PPP continues the spirits and keep acting as the bridge between students in the University of Hong Kong and children in need.

Since joining the family of New College, PPP has been holding Summer Visiting to Autistic Children and Regular Pediatric Ward Visiting. Regular Pediatric Ward Visiting Project is a long-term project in which volunteers have chances to design programmes for and have better understanding of pediatric patients.