Photography team is one of the most popular teams in New College.

Every year there will be dozens of photography amateurs joining New College Photography team sharing their photos, techniques as well as happiness to each other.

Our photography team organized several events for our members to learn and brush up on their photography skills and also to share their experiences.There were photo sharing sessions and team outings in the 2013-14 academic year. Naturally, we are also the official photographers of all New College events such as the High Table Dinners, Postgraduate Seminars, Cultural Festivals etc.

You can see members of Photography team in everywhere —— nearly in every activity held in New College, photographers will help to take photos, videos and upload them to the relevant platforms. You can check the activities photos or videos afterwards to see yourselves!

You are also always welcome to subscribe us on Youtube, our Facebook webpage and follow us!

Last but not least, joining us is quite easy. Just email the captain Devin Guo at or whatsapp 5619 6953 and you will be together with us to enjoy the infinite fun!


2015-2016 New College Photography Competition

The New College Photo Competition aims to provoke the artist in each and every one of us, to go out and capture a beautiful perspective of the world and share it with our fellow residents. The theme we have chosen for this year: Beauty through perspective. Simply capture what students feel reflects the theme with the content of their own choosing.

Contact captain

Devin Guo

+ 852 5619 6953

Room 1807B, New Collge, 9 Lung Wah St., Kennedy Town, Hong Kong