As many of you may know, Hong Kong was started as a small fishing village. With abundant and diverse fishery resources in the South China Sea, Hong Kong’s fishery industry was once very important in the local economy. However, the South China Sea has been severely overfished for decades and the local fishing fleet has declined dramatically in recent years. Yet, our consumption of seafood remains substantial. Our seafood consumption footprint has been extending to other parts of the world. Unfortunately, over fishing is now common around the world. Many fish species has become threatened with the risk of extinction. On the other hand, seafood is a renewable resource. If fishery is managed properly, it could be a sustainable resource for the mankind. This has prompted the WWF to start their “Seafood Choice initiative” so as to educate both the business sector and consumers to make the right choice in the trade and consumption of seafood. Through the sustainable seafood week, we aim to raise the awareness of our students on human impact on the fishery resource and what we can do to ensure that seafood becomes a sustainable resource.

1. Sustainable Seafood Exhibition
– 17-23 March 2014 at New College podium
– All are welcome

2. Seminar: WWF HK Seafood Choice Initiative
– By Dr. Allen To, WWF HK, 19:00-20:00, Thursday, 20 March 2014 at D304
– All are welcome

3. Sustainable Seafood High Table Dinner
– 18:00-22:00, 23 March 2014, College Hall
– High Table Talk by Prof. Yvonne Sadovy on “Current state of the World’s fishery resources and the future prospect of sustainable fisheries”
– For New College students only

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