Night fall signifies the rise of a mysterious kingdom. Countless numbers of nocturnal creatures are waken by the return of darkness. This is the beginning of a day’s life for many forest dwellers. Wandering in a deep forest at night, one will be awed by the vastness of dark space and peculiar creatures. One of the fascinating characteristics for the night creatures is the way they communicate in complete darkness. The blinking light of fireflies is the signal of courting males, while the calls from the river are the love songs of the frogs. There are also many other ways of signaling or ways of living which are beyond human understanding, including the chemical compounds released by ants and moths, and the ultrasonic beam a bat shots out when foraging for flying insects. Nocturnal creatures not only are vital links in the complex food web, they are also nature’s wonders of explores. This programme will bring students to a whole new world of nocturnal wildlife in Hong Kong.