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Additional Rules of New College

1. General

1.1  All HKU students, whether a member of a residential college or not, shall comply with the “Regulations Governing Residential Colleges” (hereafter the Regulations) of the University (Appendix 1).

1.2  The “Additional Rules of New College” (hereafter Rules) are prepared under H2 (b) of the Regulations. All HKU students, whether a member of New College (here after the College) or not, shall comply with the Rules inside the College.

1.3  In addition to the Regulations and Rules, the General Office of the Resident Colleges also has a set of Management Rules (Appendix 2). All HKU students, whether a member of New College or not, shall comply with these Management Rules inside the Residential Colleges.

1.4  The Masters and Deputy Masters may take the necessary disciplinary actions against any students breaking the Regulations and Rules in the College according to section H9 of the Regulations. These may involve a fine, suspension or termination of the College’s membership.

2. High Table dinners

2.1  All College members are required to attend all High Table Dinners of the College according to H7 (a) (ii) of the Regulations.

2.2  Any College members who will be absent, late or need to leave early for any High Table dinner shall write to the Deputy Master to obtain prior permission at least one week in advance except for health reasons. Permission will normally be granted for reasons such as illness (with a medical officer’s memo or letter) and attendance of classes. Other reasons will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

3. General Rules

3.1  All College members are required to identify themselves at the entrance counters of the College premises.

3.2  All criminal offences happened in the College premises will be reported to the police.

3.3  Smoking is strictly prohibited anywhere in the College premises.

3.4  Gambling is not allowed anywhere in the College premises.

3.5  No fire shall be started anywhere in the College premises without the DeputyMaster’s authorization.

3.6  Any kind of vandalism in the College premises is prohibited. This includeswillful damage made to notices and tampering with the smoke and heatdetectors.

3.7  According to H7 (b)(i)(2) of the Regulations, no student is allowed to bring ontothe College premises any intoxicating liquor without the permission of the Master or Deputy Master. In addition, no students are allowed to consume any intoxicating liquor in the College premises without the permission of the Master or Deputy Master.

3.8  All college members are not allowed to stay in the floor of the opposite gender from 12:00 am to 8:00 a.m. of the next day except with the permission of the Deputy Master or Senior Tutor.

3.9  College members are expected to live in the College premises. Those who need to be absent from the College for more than one week during the residential year must apply in writing for leave from the Deputy Master in advance.

3.10  Residents are expected to keep a quiet environment between 11pm and 9am.

4. Visitors

4.1  College members are allowed to sign in visitors from 9 am to 10.30 pm only at the entrance counter of the College premises. All visitors must leave the College at 11 pm.

4.2  All visitors have to comply with the Regulations and Rules. The host of any visitors is responsible to inform the visitors about the Regulations and Rules. The Master, Deputy Master or his representatives may take the necessary actions against any visitors breaking the Regulations and Rules and order the visitors to leave the College premises.

4.3  Visitors and their hosts should be considerate and shall not cause inconvenience and embarrassment to other members of the college.

5. Student Rooms

5.1  Room allocation, including mid-year changes in the allocation, is entirely at the Master and Deputy Master’s discretion.

5.2  No College member is allowed to occupy a room that is not assigned to him/her.

5.3  Request for changing room should be made to the Deputy Master or his designate but such requests will not be considered except with strong medical reasons. All members are expected to be mature enough to be able to live in harmony with the others in the college.

5.4  Cooking is not allowed inside any student room.

5.5  Furniture and other fixtures cannot be removed from the rooms or moved from one room to another. No drilling of the walls for hanging stuff is allowed anywhere in the College premises.

5.6  College members are advised to be vigilant in keeping valuables in the College

premises. All valuables should be locked in the drawers when they are unattended. The College will not be responsible for any loss of personal property in the college premises.

5.7  With reasonable causes, the Deputy Master or his representative, in the presence of at least one other College staff member, may enter any student rooms for checking without prior notice.

5.8  Personal belongings should only be put inside student rooms but not in the corridors and lounges of the college.

5.9  Each College member is given a room key which can only be used by the respective member. Giving or lending the key to a third party is strictly prohibited.

5.10  Any loss of keys must be reported as soon as possible to the Hall Office. A fine is charged for replacing the lost key.

6. Withdrawal of College Membership

6.1  Should any member want to withdraw from the College, a two weeks written notice must be given in advance to the General Office of the Residential Colleges.

6.2  Lodging fee, once paid, is not refundable, other than for exceptional cases approved by the Master or his/her representative.

For a full list of New College rules, please download here