All students in New College will become responsible Global Citizens Embracing Stewardship for the Environment and Sustainable Lifestyle.


To enrich students’ learning experience at New College through Experiential Learning, participation in Community Service and engaging in Knowledge Exchange, especially in relation to protecting the environment.Read More


The main ethos of New College is the environment and sustainability. Through hands-on experience and discussions, we provide an active learning platform for our students to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in sustainable living and nurture their love and care towards nature.

Activities at New College

Our wide variety of activities include the Nature Appreciation Series to visit pristine ecological sites in Hong Kong, planting in our eco-garden, Inter-college Environmental Campaign and Competition, the Green Ambassadors programme, and Energy Efficient Practices. There are also knowledge exchange research seminars organised every month and opportunities for students to volunteer for local community and cultural programmes.Read More


New College is home to over 400 undergraduate and postgraduate students from Hong Kong, the Mainland and 27 countries around the world.


Meet the management team and resident tutors responsible for enriching the student lives in New College.Read More

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