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Knowledge Exchange


Encouraging residents to think outside the box, to be exposed to disciplines beyond their academic faculty and contribute to the local community are just some of the advantages of living at New College. There are also plenty of opportunities for experiential learning, and knowledge exchange through interactions with the residential population comprising of staff, visiting scholars, and students from diverse walks of life.

Research seminars are organised every month for New College undergraduates and postgraduate students to present their research. There are also student-initiated programmes and social service activities around the neighbourhood, or residents are also encouraged to participate in services trips to Southeast Asia where they can help to improve the water quality and hygiene awareness of local orphanages. To learn more about what to expect on our Knowledge Exchange programmes, neighbourhood activities or service trips, please take a look at some of the photo albums below.


Residential Advisor Scheme

Student advisors meet their mentees and help them get familiar with the university environment and identify their academic goals. We hope the knowledge exchange among students could enhance their learning and living experience in Hong Kong.through till the very end.


Research Seminars

Research Seminars are organized every month for undergraduate and postgraduate students to present their researches. It is an ideal opportunity for residents to develop their presentation skills and receive valuable feedback from peers.

Green Literacy & Nature Appreciation

Programmes are intended to enhance students’ understanding of the conservation issues of ecologically important local habitats. Experts from Outdoor Wildlife Learning HK and Eco Institute are invited to deliver outdoor courses.


International Exchange Programs

College provide exchange opportunities for residents to experience the residential college life abroad and to have cultural and knowledge exchange with people from different backgrounds.

Laxchange Club

Laxchange Club aims to provide free language courses for residents in an interactive form as well as a platform to try out and improve their teaching skills. We encourage all students to speak more during classes.

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