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Student Teams

At New College, you will find a group or team that challenges you whether it’s an interest, sport or initiative you would like to get involved in. There are plenty of sports activities, groups, events and training where you’ll have the opportunities to learn and meet like-minded students. Take a look at the sports and interest groups below to find out more about each one.

Work Teams

Students are encouraged to establish teams to organize activities for other residents to join. By taking initiatives in Work Teams, students can build their leadership skills and make good use of their creativity. Also, through the process of serving others as the mastermind or backroom helpers, they get to build the sense of belonging.

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Orientation Team

Orientation Series Committee help organizing activities to welcome new residents and help them get familiar with our college and make new friends. They organize several orientation workshops such as Cantonese class, Kennedy Town hunt and Mass Orientation Day.

Society Care

To raise students’ awareness of social inclusion, we encourage residents to share their love and caring to the community via D Co-operative, Parium Puer- Peers of the Child (PPP) and Elderly Service Program (EldServe). These programs help residents to cultivate the social responsibility and learn from voluntary experience.


D Co-operative is a non-profit student co-operative store located on the 4/F. It aims to provide JCSVIII students a convenient way to purchase groceries and food. During opening hours, committee members and volunteers are there to serve our fellow residents.


Parium Puer - Peers of the Child (PPP)

Parium Puer- Peers of the Child (PPP) is a service group in New College. Volunteers visit the children staying in pediatric wards. They can learn to understand the children in special need and bring happiness to them via regular visits.

EldServe Team

EldServe Team is created to engage residents with elderly in the local community through various recreational, service and support. They recruit volunteers from all four colleges to provide general assistance, design games and accompany the elderly for one-day trip and some workshops.


Interest Groups

Residents of different nationalities gather together out of the same interests shared with their congenial friends. New College offers a variety of interest groups ranging from sports and cooking to music and dance.


Volleyball Team

Volleyball Team aims to establish a friendly and interactive environment for residents to learn skills like digging, spiking and serving. Also, the phase of the practise would be slow so that new-comers to volleyball can cope up with the learning speed.

Environmental Care

The main ethos of New College is environment and sustainability. We provide learning platforms for students to acquire
the knowledge and skills in building sustainable living through hands-on experience and discussion forum, and at the same time nurture their love and care towards nature.

Eco-Farming Team (New Farm)

New College houses its own farm outside the building, which is taken care by the Eco-farming Team. Team members built a biodiversity garden by planting native shrubs and trees that attract native wildlife. Members are also trained as Eco-farmers through composting, weeding, watering and fertilizing. Using only food compost and organic manure as fertilizer, we have harvested more than 40 types of vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers.

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BlueSky Energy Team

BlueSky Energy Team is set up for students to drive energy efficiency through data analysis and innovation. Their scope is to become a village- wide initiative to push for greater usage of the Blue Sky Application so that more people can become more aware of their energy usage. Team members are discussing how to analyze the app data and user behavior so that innovative solutions could be put forward to save energy.

Sustainability Drive

Sustainability Drive endeavors to promote green living among residents through engagement. It aims at reducing the waste generated due to moving out by selling the unwanted items to new residents in the next residential year. The money collected via second-hand sale is used to set up Sustainability Drive Fund, a small-grant mechanism for simple and effective green- living initiatives to be implemented.

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