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All students in New College will become responsible Global Citizens Embracing Stewardship for the Environment and Sustainable Lifestyle.


The main ethos of New College is the environment and sustainability. Through hands-on experience and discussions, we provide an active learning platform for our students to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in sustainable living and nurture their love and care towards nature.


New College is home to over 400 undergraduate and postgraduate students from Hong Kong, the Mainland and 27 countries around the world.


Message from Master

"New College has been the home away from home for more than 2000 residents from local, Mainland China, and worldwide. Sustainability is the College’s central ethos. While facilitating the holistic development of our residents, our goal is to develop future responsible leaders with awareness and actions appreciating environmental, social and economic sustainability. Our Chinese name carries the meaning of renewal, reflection and perfection, which embeds our expectations to our residents. Do join us if you have these shared values!"

Hear From Our Residents


Abhigyan Kashyap

Current Resident, Bachelor of Engineering

"New College presents a dynamic hall life, and has various clubs and
societies to bring out the best in university students, helping them explore new hobbies and build on the existing ones. From events like the High Table Dinners to activities like hikes and treks, and from music clubs to sports teams, it has a lot to offer."

Misol Kim

Current Resident, Bachelor of Economics and Finance

"You will never regret coming to New College! I made unforgettable memories in New College during 2019-2020 academic year. I recommend you to join hall activities as much as possible. It would definitely help you to get more familiar to NC culture and make friends as well!"

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New Farm

The New Farm was set up in early 2015 as a new initiative to promote sustainability living. Several flower beds on the podium outside New College were turned into farming field for practicing organic farming. A farmer from Long Valley Mr. Kan Wai Hong has been engaged to teach our students how to farm.
A complimentary composting programme has been developed at the same time where food waste generated from each floor of the College are collected and composted with Bokashi system at the New Farm. The compost obtained are used in the New Farm.

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Contact Us

New College, Jockey Club Students Village III, 9 Lung Wah Street, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong.

(852) 3917-1419

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