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The main ethos of New College is the environment and sustainability.
Through hands-on experience and discussions, we provide an active learning platform for our students to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in sustainable living and at the same time nurture their love and care towards nature.
Other sustainability-related activities include an Inter-college Environmental Campaign and Competition, the Green Ambassadors programme, and Energy Efficient Practices, working in our eco-garden, collections from our sustainability drive, as well as related seminars and workshops. The photo albums below are just a handful of some of our past adventures and experiences.


Nature Appreciation Series

The well-being of nature and its biodiversity is one of the key pillars of sustainable development. To raise people’s awareness and knowledge on biodiversity is the key to successful conservation of nature. Education in the environment is the most effective way in environmental education. The aim of the nature appreciation series is to raise students’ knowledge and awareness on local biodiversity through getting in touch with nature directly. Students will be briefed about the biodiversity of representative ecosystems in Hong Kong before they are taken to the field to study them. The threats that biodiversity are facing due to human activities will also be highlighted in the programme. We hope to nurture the love of nature among our students.


Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve and Nocturnal Wildlife

Night fall signifies the rise of a mysterious kingdom. One of the fascinating characteristics for the night creatures is the way they communicate in complete darkness. The blinking light of fireflies is the signal of courting males, while the calls from the river are the love songs of the frogs. Nocturnal creatures not only are vital links in the complex food web, they are also nature’s wonders of explores. This programme will bring students to a whole new world of nocturnal wildlife in Hong Kong.

Sustainability Teams

To know more about our Sustainability Teams, visit Student Teams.


New Farm


BlueSky - iMeter Project


Sustainability Drive


Green Ambassadors

A Glimpse at our Events

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